bathroom cleaning tips

Here is a neat little trick to make fast work of a stubborn dirty job.  I could hardly believe the ease of it until I tried it. This will leave you with more time for the things you like, such as playing with the kids and enjoying a yummy Nutells cheescake.

I’ve discovered a trick to remove that stubborn toilet bowl ring and hard-water deposits from the toilet without using harsh chemicals… and it only costs .25 cents 🙂  We have three bathrooms in our house.  We have hard water and when the toilet just sits for long periods of time, a hard water scuzzy ring develops around the top due to lack of use.  I’ve  tried to clean it with liquid toilet bowl cleaner and with Comet but have had absolutely no luck.

I’ve used this same method to clean the hard water and soap scum out of my dishwasher, so I figured it might work in the toilet too.