alter the scent of vinegar

I often hear my friends say, “You always comment on about sanitizing with vinegar but the dilemma is, I simply cannot tolerate the stink of it. Do you have any suggestions or tips?’

Well, indeed, I do.

Even when you can live with the stink of vinegar, this is a good technique to perfume it and incorporate some additional cleaning muscle, so why not give it a try? This works with plain white vinegar, and this is what I strongly recommend for any clean-up project. You can certainly also alter the scent of straight vinegar using this.

Alter The Scent of Vinegar With Essential Oils

I really love essential oils and take advantage of them often all around the house. I buy them at my nearby health food store, or good old Amazon. Essential oils are basically pure distillations from plants, flowers, fruits, woods, herbs, and spices and aren’t really oily at all. An added benefit is essential oils also have a mood calming effect.

I am totally that freak in the health food store sniffing every bottle of essential oil. You can also research the specific properties of each and determine what combinations work best for your specific needs (or desired mood).

All right, the trick here is definitely you need to make use of a good quantity of EO to cover-up the stink. I have played around with the process and have actually discovered that a couple of drops will not likely do much, however, twenty drops for these measurements are really effective.

Listed here is what you need to have:


Blend in a bottle and shake well. Easy huh?